Sunday info

As in previous years, we are still offering the opportunity to play in the pairs competition on the Sunday!

How to enter

If you are playing the weekend, you are automatically entered for the Sunday.  You just need to give us details of your partner (or if you are a sexy single) on the entry form. If you are just playing the Sunday, please fill out the entry form as if you were playing the Saturday, and when you get to the payment page, just click Sunday only. This will cost £14

How Sunday works

The Sunday is a pairs competition. You enter for the Sunday in the morning, when you come to registration or you can register  on our Twitter feed @BeachAcademy and turn up at the registration location in RUDA by 9am. There are three different divisions per gender, so Div 1, Div 2 and Div 3. You and your partner decide what division you want to be in, and we will sort out the rest! You will play off for seedings in the morning, and then dependent on times, you will play in a knockout competition in the afternoon, usually we try to play double elimination, again to give you as much volleyball as we can! You don’t have to play on Sunday if you don’t want to as all the organisation is done on the day.

Sunday registration

This year we are piloting an all-new, revolutionary scheme. (At least, we think it’s revolutionary!). We are running twitter check in on the Sunday on the feed  @BeachAcademy, more details on that are yet to come, all will be explained!


If you don’t have a partner for the Sunday, it is most definitely not the end of the world. There are a number of ways that you could find a partner. If you want to get in there and seal the deal early doors, to find a partner, there is our facebook group. Post on there, say you are a sexy single, your playing experience, and any other relevant information, and see who’s interested! If you aren’t that organised, or just want to wait for the weekend, you could have scout around on the Saturday, keep your nose to the ground for someone without a partner, and ask them then! If you still haven’t got a partner by the Sunday, and there are always quite a few floating around in this boat, then we have a singles area on the Sunday morning, where you can meet with the partner of your dreams… So the moral of this story is, that whichever way you look at it, you will be able to find a partner. We promise!