General Info: Please note, due to high tides The King and Queen of the Beach 2020 will run on the 13th, 14th and 15th June. The GoldCoast Oceanfest is on the 19th, 20th and 21st June 2020.

The Academy of Beach Sports will be running smaller events on the weekend of the GoldCoast Oceanfest for Junior UKBT and Locals (6v6) Please check our facebook group for details. Entry forms will be updated and added to the shop as they are finished. 

Dear Kings and Queens,

Welcome to the new website! Well done for making it this far-now just the last hurdle to cross, reading some valuable tips before filling in our entry form, and then you are ready to go.

The details of the Parkdean Resorts King and Queen of the Beach competition 2020 are as follows:

Date: Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th & Monday 15th June 2020 
Location: Croyde Beach
Hosts: Academy of Beach Sports

The King and Queen of the Beach competition is held on the Saturday, there is a pairs competition held on the Sunday (only the top four from division one are still playing for their title on Sunday) and we’ve decided to make the Monday mixed pairs a permanent fixture following last year’s success.

Entry for the Saturday gets you free entry for the Sunday, if you wish. If you already have a partner for the Sunday, then great-stick it in the partner box later on in the form. If not, don’t worry; you can find one on the day.

Sunday entry is free if you play Saturday, if not you can enter for Sunday and also Monday Mixed if you like. 

Monday sees the return for the second year of the Monday Mixed event 

So to sum this up, tickets cost the following:

  • Saturday and Sunday competition entry only: £25. 00
  • Sunday player entry only: £15.00
  • Monday mixed entry £5 

Before you start the entry form though, we must stress a few things that we bang on about every year, which are really important:

  1. The entry form is designed to help us seed you. If you turn up on the weekend, and are unhappy with your seeding, then generally you have only got yourself to blame. We do our best, spending hours on the seeding process, but you have to do your part, too. Please try to fill in the form in as much detail as possible, to help us to try to stop you guys being unhappy with your seeding, and make our lives a lot easier!
  2. We’ve had online entry running for a few years now, so we hope it should run smoothly. If anything does go wrong when you are entering, let us know. Then we can fix it! We would also love any feedback you’ve got from last year’s event. The two things we can’t change are the weather and toilets!
  3. You can withdraw your entry up to 21 days before the event with a refund, less admin fee of £7. After that, we can’t guarantee anything!
  4. Finally, for last minute updates and more information close to the time, please join the facebook group, via this link: King and Queen of the Beach on Facebook

So that’s that! To begin to fill the entry form out, please click here to enter. We look forward to seeing you at Croyde!

Denise Austin and the K&Q event team

Still not sure how it works? Check out the FAQ over here.